yes, this is where I live.


spent 1.5 years in figuring out that ack-timeouts and packet-sizes are the key to reliability.

Service Provider

spent more than a year to convince BSNL to allow us to use their tower infrastructure.

last 5 years, residents of kodaikanal get "some" internet.

so, what does it take to provide 25 sq. kms of Internet access to 100s of rural residents

not the cows,

one 12th pass village kid.

krishnamoorthy (kicha) is a 12th pass villager of Pallangi, Kodaikanal.

when he is not practicing organic farming or taking care of the cows; he does provide wireless broadband Internet to remote residents of kodaikanal.

He probably, knows more about wireless network administration than most experts reading this.

How do we do it ?

setup APs in towers with fibre-connectivity.

setup fixed-stations at customer premises with line-of-sight to tower or neighbor.


wifi as a backup communication system

Officially a team involving several educated-certified-qualified folks setup this up.

The wireless network was essentially setup by our 12th pass village kid from pallangi.

Lessons learnt

Technology is "cheap"

Educated people are "expensive"

village kids are smarter than their urban counterparts

Convincing officers/of/our/govt. to do their job, is practically [email protected]#$%^&...

that's all folks.

the following are a few select untouched pictures of life at home in the hills.